Sons of Grant Sporting Goods, Inc.

Guns and Outdoors

If you are outdoor enthusiast in Dalton, GA, you’ve come to the right place to get your supplies. At Sons of Grant Sporting Goods, Inc., we have a range of quality products for your camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing needs. From outdoor gear, knives, lights, guns, firearms and ammunitions, we have it all. Come in and see our vast selection today!


We are a one-stop shop for all your gun related needs. We sell guns, take guns in on trade, also hunting gear like bows, apparel and more. Choose from a vast selection of firearms, ammunitions, reloading, gun safes, holsters and cases. You want to trade your gun and upgrade to something new? We’ve got your back. Visit today!

Outdoor Gear

If you are into outdoor sports and activities, we have all the clothing and supplies you’d need to keep you safe. From durable and tactical clothing from Carhartt to a wide range of hunting and fishing products, you get it all at amazing prices. Stop by today!